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Handmade and handpoured in Greece

Premium blend of soya and beeswax

Unique, handcrafted vessels, curated and hand-painted by Yiannis Ftoulis.

Skyros Island Geranium Candle


The Skyros candle line features four exclusive distinct artworks, each paired with its own unique fragrance, providing a diverse sensory experience. This is the Geranium Scent, which is characterized for its balancing, rejuvenating and calming Benefits.

Skyros is part of our WAKS candles “Destinations” Collection, that showcases four exquisite ceramic creations, meticulously crafted and hand-painted by Yiannis Ftoulis. Inspired by the artistry of 17th-century Asia Minor and the traditional art of Skyros, which left an indelible mark on the embroidery and craftsmanship of the island, these pieces are vessels of history and tradition. Their contours echo the timeless forms of pharmaceutical vessels used to store medicines at that time, embodying a strong connection to our Greek heritage and culture.

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